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This profile page summarizes all known activity of the location Norway related to Coal. This location may have appeared in articles supporting this topic, against it, or in a separate context: this biographical entry simply demarks this location as appearing in content suggesting contextual association with Coal.

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All Media Count   19405
News Count (W/Clustered)   17555 (90.47%)
Distinct Stories   12099
Blog Count   1522 (7.84%)
Tweet Count   327 (1.69%)
Shared Tweet Count   328
Links Tweeted   0
Combined Tone   1.42
Combined Polarization   6.74
Combined Activity   0.76
Combined Personalization   0.76
News Tone   1.43
Blog Tone   1.42
Tweet Tone   0.68
First Seen   3/28/2009
Last Seen   12/28/2013
News/Social Ratio  90.47%
Attention/Loyalty  1663 / 2914 days (57.07%)


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10.72% (2045)
4.56% (870)
58.94% (11244)
71.44% (13629)

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Related People

The following names occur in articles mentioning this location:

Barack Obama   8.88% (1724)
Al Gore   3.13% (608)
Latin America   3.04% (589)
Angela Merkel   2.40% (465)
Congo Congo   2.27% (441)

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Related Organizations

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European Union   14.48% (2809)
United Nations   7.36% (1429)
Greenpeace   7.13% (1383)
International Energy Agency   6.75% (1309)
European Commission   4.80% (932)

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Related Worldwide Cities

The following cities worldwide occur in articles mentioning this location:

Oslo, Oslo, Norway   16.60% (3221)
London, London, City Of, United Kingdom   15.81% (3067)
Washington, District Of Columbia, United States   11.74% (2278)
Copenhagen, KAvn*, Denmark   10.76% (2088)
North Sea, Oceans (General), Oceans   9.71% (1884)

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Related Countries
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Norway   9.95% (19077)
United States   9.95% (11495)
United Kingdom   9.95% (8271)
China   9.95% (8120)
Germany   9.95% (6115)

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Related Global Regions

The following regions worldwide occur in articles mentioning this location:

Oslo, Norway   16.84% (3268)
London, City Of, United Kingdom   15.81% (3067)
United Kingdom (General), United Kingdom   12.18% (2363)
Oceans (General), Oceans   12.11% (2350)
KAvn*, Denmark   10.77% (2089)

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Related US States

The following US states occur in articles mentioning this location:

Washington, United States   16.57% (3215)
New York, United States   15.34% (2977)
District Of Columbia, United States   15.25% (2959)
California, United States   10.52% (2042)
Texas, United States   9.95% (1930)

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Outlet Location Countries
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United States   9.95% (7971)
Scotland   9.95% (1383)
Canada   9.95% (819)
Australia   9.95% (754)
Netherlands   9.95% (680)

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The following Twitterers tweet links about this location

worldshipping   0.19% (37)[Profile]
EI_Coal   0.06% (11)[Profile]
POP_tw   0.02% (4)[Profile]
Greenpeaceafric   0.02% (3)[Profile]
BenJasper   0.02% (3)[Profile]

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Top News Outlets

This location tends to be mentioned in articles from the following news outlets:

Reuters.Com   3.51% (682)
Greenpeace.Org   3.33% (647)
Bloomberg.Com   1.57% (305)
Yahoo.Com   1.30% (253)
Businessweek.Com   1.16% (226)

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Top Blogs

This location tends to be mentioned in articles from the following blogs:

Maritimenews.Info   0.24% (46)
Worldshipping-News.Blogspot.Com   0.15% (30)
Gezgeen.Com   0.07% (13)
Mediavigil.Blogspot.Com   0.05% (10)
1031424110.Blogspot.Com   0.05% (9)

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News Articles

All 17555 news articles:


The Stories You Missed in 2013

...... between and percent of the world undiscovered oil reserves and as much as percent of its natural gas Most of this lies within the uncontested territories of Russia , Canada , Norway , Denmark , and the United States the United Nations allows countries to claim territory farther than miles offshore if they can show that it is an extension of their continental shelf ......

(2243 words by
Tone: 1.10%
Pol: 6.96%
Act: 18.41%
Per: 0.08%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Conditions of Apartheid » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

...... the Good News Christ Is Born Glorify Him the Orthodox Holy Nativity Liturgy is always celebrated on the Old Julian calendar but culturally and socially since after the Oslo Peace Agreement all Christians have united to celebrate Christmas day on December th It is always expected that the president of Palestine shows up at the midnight service both times or at least ......

(849 words by
Tone: 4.39%
Pol: 9.47%
Act: 21.48%
Per: 1.96%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 6.06%

Statoil ASA : POST FRIDAY, WEEKEND CENTERPIECE PRINT: Tragedy, trade and turbines: The top Maine business stories of 2013 | 4-Traders

...... option for residential and business customers , an insufficient regional transportation infrastructure has continued to be a problem Last winter , industrial customers including Verso Paper faced large cost increases to transport the fuel million in the case of Verso because a bottleneck in southern New England pinched the supply in the region LePage announced in early ......

(1113 words by
Tone: 1.99%
Pol: 6.98%
Act: 23.26%
Per: 0.08%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

UN Appointment Of Kufuor Puts Ghana On The Spot Again

...... difficult issue the choice of former president Kufuor is therefore strategic for him to be able to talk to his colleagues Ex-President Kufuor was appointed together with former Norwegian Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg the two will lead the political will and action on climate change ahead of a global summit scheduled to be held in September next year Announcing his appointees on ......

(1570 words by
Tone: 3.49%
Pol: 7.79%
Act: 18.52%
Per: 1.47%
Que: 1.45%
Exc: 1.45%

State of the Nation, 2013 » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

...... US Source World Economic Forum Income Inequality least - Sweden - US Source OECD Poverty Index lowest Norway US - Sweden US Source Human Development Index Billionaires world total , US China ......

(1504 words by
Tone: 1.98%
Pol: 4.54%
Act: 9.04%
Per: 0.45%
Que: 1.01%
Exc: 0.51%

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Blog Posts

All 1522 blog posts:


For those who noticed, 2013 was Russia's year of the environment Murmansk polluters lost the memo « nuclear-news

...... seminar She was referring primarily to decisions regarding foul industrial odors , studies of coal dust pollution in Murmansk , as well as the thorny issue of cross-border pollution with Norway Industrial pollution One of the hottest topics at the seminar concerned industrial emissions of course , we are talking here about the KMMC industrial complexes in the towns of Zapolyary and ......

(982 words by
Tone: 0.70%
Pol: 6.47%
Act: 19.12%
Per: 0.80%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Tune Of The Day: Leprous - Coal

...... Number on Tune of the Days best album list of year is the Norwegian progressive band , Leprous with their latest release Coal is perhaps one of the year most temperamental album , a very well made with expertly tight songwriting , a little dark , melancholic and unnerving highly varied and natural record Todays tune the Cloak is taken from the third studio album Coal , ......

(249 words by
Tone: 4.88%
Pol: 6.50%
Act: 26.42%
Per: 3.66%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 13.33%

Throughput in port of Rotterdam stable | Shipping Tribune

...... to the high prices of products , import from outside Europe is still low However , around , tonnes of LNG were handled , thanks partly to regular import in small vessels from Norway and re-export Containers and breakbulk the container sector shows a decline in both tonnes - , million tonnes and numbers of TEU - An important reason is the low ......

(941 words by
Tone: 0.00%
Pol: 5.15%
Act: 21.94%
Per: 0.10%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Frontrunning: December 19 | peoples trust toronto

...... BMY to sell global diabetes business to AstraZeneca AZN for B Target TGT confirmed unauthorized access to payment card data in US stores Bayer BAYRY to acquire Norwegian pharmaceutical company Algeta UBS UBS to sell CEFS International business to Montagu Private Equity MasterCard Massachusetts , eServGlobal and BICS created remittance joint venture Two ......

(2539 words by
Tone: 3.03%
Pol: 7.76%
Act: 22.23%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Steadfast Lutherans » The Good News That Christmas Is For Sinners

...... of Christmas that is for us May the peace of God , which passes all understanding , keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus Fredrik Wisloff , Rest A While Hvil eder litt Oslo , Norway Lutherstiftelsens Forlag , , Ibid Read times Rules for comments on this site Engage the contents and substance of the post Rabbit trails and side issues ......

(1616 words by
Tone: 2.86%
Pol: 8.45%
Act: 26.81%
Per: 5.17%
Que: 9.76%
Exc: 3.66%

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All 327 tweets:
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...Victoria Oil & Gas #Xcite Energy#Coal of Africa #Nyota Minerals and others feature in Fox-Davies Capital Newsflash

(24 words)
(07/29/2011 at 02:34:30 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 0.00%
Pol: 0.00%
Act: 16.67%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...Career : at ATLAS RESOURCES, PT: ATLAS RESOURCES, PT~ ~We are the one of growing fast coal company in Indones...

(25 words)
(07/28/2011 at 10:01:17 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 12.00%
Pol: 12.00%
Act: 28.00%
Per: 4.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...RT @lngglobal: LNG imports boom, coal falls as generators burn stockpiles - Utility Week -

(17 words)
(07/28/2011 at 08:20:13 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: -5.88%
Pol: 5.88%
Act: 17.65%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


... ‘Clean Coal’ reality check – a list of backfired CCS-projects. #ccs #cleancoal #coal #carbon...

(18 words)
(07/26/2011 at 11:21:13 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 0.00%
Pol: 0.00%
Act: 33.33%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...RT @DuaneBurnett: 'War of the Water' galvanizing communities across BC. Tar Sands, Enbridge Pipeline, Site C dam, Raven Coal Mine...

(26 words)
(07/23/2011 at 01:25:01 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 0.00%
Pol: 7.69%
Act: 38.46%
Per: 3.85%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

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